Self-service marketing database

Customisable marketing list easily and quickly. Manually select the appropriate list of companies online from amongst the companies (operating with a tax number) registered in the selected country based on a number of criteria.

Only retrieving companies that have the following information

Select data content**

Select the data you need; the price of the list is determined on this. If you need other information, contact our sales staff.

Data content

Highlighted cells

Basic financial data: turnover, profit before tax, profit after tax, total assets, shareholders' equity, operating profit

Key balance sheet items: basic financial data + fixed assets, current assets, funds, accruals, provisions, liabilities, current liabilities, long-term liabilities and accrued expenses and deferrd income

Full report: full financial statement

* The balance sheet total is more than € 6 million and / or the net sales revenue exceeds € 12 million and / or the number of employees is more than 50.

** Some data may not be available for all companies, it can be different even by companies or countries.


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