Company data for 50 000 000 companies across 27 countries with one click!
Select your business partner’s country, enter the company name or tax registration number for immediate access to their information.
50 000 000
8 112 314
E-mail address
20 087 486
Phone number
7 259 232
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Are you looking for new clients? Choose our company list!
Whether you are planning a direct marketing campaign or cold call potential new customers, a good quality company list is a perfect place to start.
Company database

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Create your own DM database tailored to your specific needs and acquire new business partners for boosting your business.

What can you use the database for after purchasing it?
Achieve your strategic goals with the help of our customisable company lists. Whether you want to expand your existing customer base, you are looking for new suppliers or you would like to take your business on the international stage, OPTEN is here to help.
You can access customers’ direct phone numbers, making it easier to contact them and to reach new customers / suppliers.
E-mail Marketing
You can send your targeted newsletters to e-mail addresses sourced from an authentic list.
Concurrence analysis
Always be one step ahead of your competitors. Our unique company list provides you with wide-ranging market information.
Support for sales teams
Make sales tasks easier with the use of a transparent, easily customisable database.
International expansion
You can search for future business partners across companies from 7 countries with our company list.
Searching for new clients
We compile customised company lists based on your criteria, making it easier to find potential customers.
Take a look!
Download our sample table and take a look at how much data you can access about your future partners!
Recoverable data: company, registered address, eu id, tax number, main activity, phone number, e-mail address, web address, headcount, financial data
Those who have already chosen OPTEN
OPTEN has been leading the Hungarian market for over 25 years. Our partners include 10 000+ customers, large international company groups and banks.
One of our most popular services is the marketing list, which supports successful marketing campaigns, new customer acquisition and the mapping of competitors. We provide you with unique company information!
Accessing a high-quality company database has never been easier!
Whenever you need it, you can get hold of the desired marketing list quickly and easily. You can purchase the database you need on our self-service platform without having to get quotes or make phone calls. You can also access our prices, the size of the database and other constructions on our platform.
Select the desired country or countries you need the marketing list for.
Filter the companies you need according to your individual needs!
Enter the data you want and order your list.
We will email you a link for the ready to use list.
Safe payments without waiting. You always get you ask for and what you order. Simple, transparent.
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